“Bringing live, quality theatrical entertainment to the Merrimack Valley”


Pentucket Players Inc. is a non-profit community theatre organization dedicated to bringing quality live theatrical entertainment for and by the community. Founded in 1994, the group has produced over 50 musicals, comedies, and dramas. Pentucket Players Inc. has a rehearsal and storage space at 250 Canal St. in Lawrence, MA, and performs main-stage productions every year in the spring and the fall. Separate auditions are held for each production and all auditions are open to anyone interested in theatre. Summer productions, including a Summer Children’s Theatre Workshop, are held at Bradord Country Club; 201 Chadwick Rd.. Bradford, MA


In 1993, the Greater Merrimack Valley area had many cultural opportunities but it lacked one thing—a community theatre organization, an organization that was dedicated to bringing quality live theatrical entertainment for and by the community. It was out of that need that Pentucket Players Inc. was born.

“Pentucket” is a Native American word meaning “place by the winding river.” Pentucket Players is made up of theatre enthusiasts from the Merrimack Valley and beyond. The group was co-founded by John R Buzzell and Judy Forgione and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1993. John Buzzell remains as the group’s Executive Artistic Director, a position he has held since the group’s beginning.

The organization produced their first production, “Agnes of God”, a drama by John Pielmier, at the Haverhill City Hall Auditorium in September of 1993. When the opportunity arose to move the group’s productions to the larger venue of Bradford College, the organization quickly built a reputation for excellence with strong production values on both the stage and in the orchestra pit. When the college closed, the group was invited to move to the Rogers Center for the Arts at Merrimack College, where it remained for 15 seasons. The group now performs at various venues in the Merrimack valley. 

Pentucket Players Inc. produces two main-stage musical productions per year. In recent years, the group added a youth program, which has utilized several venues. Most recently, a summer adult show was added and now both the youth and adult summer productions are staged at the beautiful Bradford Country Club in nearby Bradford, MA. To date, the group has produced over 50 productions including dramas, comedies, musicals, revues and youth performances.

Code of Ethics for Pentucket Players

1. That each member of the organization be respected at all times, whether they be actors, directors, designers, workers, volunteers etc. That they be spoken to publicly and privately in a respectful tone.

2. In turn, that those who have accepted a role or position, try their best to live-up to the standards required and explained in advance of their accepting a role or position. This applies to everyone; it means that directors will explain things calmly and without rancor. It also means that we will expect individuals to complete tasks they have begun. Participate fully in jobs that need to be performed; such as making an effort to contribute in some way to fundraising efforts; do their fair share of work at strike parties, according to what one individual can do.

3. We recognize that we are a community of artists. Our standard of behavior is slightly different than that of a business. But within our community, we will strive to keep our language appropriate for a business environment and that we will address each other in a professional manner.

If, going forward, a situation arises where someone fails to meet the standards set forth here; a mediation process between the individual and an appointed board member will follow. Further action will be decided upon on an individual basis.

Sexual harassment in any form will not be tolerated.

Pentucket Players Inc. is a member in good standing of the Eastern Mass Association of Community Theatre (EMACT).